Monthly Archives: September 2014

You are the awakening at the depth of all fears. You are the fervor that rumbles deep below the belly of despair. You have been forgotten and You cannot be found. What once was my blanket of comfort is now washed black and gold. What once was my coveted future […]

Unchangeable, Even Unto You

Fill my bed with laughter and sin. Allow the new light to break, shatter and steal. Pollute my mind with perverse rights and wrongs. I am your brother, father, your lover and friend. Dark brown eyes pierce my skin, Dodging the air to slash my body with whips soaked in […]

I am

Hello Again   Allowing that it fits to call you such. My familiar. My friend. Accepting our predicament as veracity graciously awaiting for it to end.   I hesitate to greet yet I reap the rewards of your delight- ful return For a second or two I reminisce and wish […]

Hello Again