MyKayla Rains

MyKayla Rains is one of my alter egos, and she’s a big one. This Diva is bold, oh so sexy, yet calm and sensitive. She’s the heart that beats inside all of us. One of a kind, of all kinds. Her drool is the Rain of truth. She has fans and haters from all over the world, but circle of friends is intimately tight. She stay real, wrong or right. She talk about life no matter how exaggerated or down to earth it may be. She’s had nothing at all and She’s had it all. Now she is somewhere in the middle.

I learn so many bits of information every day. What I love learning about the most is My Kayla. I am not an expert on any subject. I have a wide range of interest, knowledge, and opinions. None of which is Law. “Just true confessions of life long lessons” (Thanks India!).

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