MonSieur. Slick Tong

Do people really want my input while considering what actions should be taken when they are confronted with a difficult obstacle in life? Or am I just a measuring stick equivalent for considering what a dumb ass does when faced with one of life’s challenges? Hmmmm I feel like everyone […]

I speak to myself

Monsieur Slick Tong is a product of life. Real life , everyday life like love and pain or sunshine and rain. I’ve felt the blessings of births through the horrors of death all categorized as life experience. Now I’ve seen what i speak about plus I call it how i see it and doing so has gained me a form respect that allows others to look to me for […]

Monsieur Slick Tong Is

As I grow mature and evolve into my true self I have gain somewhat of a reputation among friends and family for being what is nowadays called 100% or real. When I was growing up its was called being a man but the difference between the two is an article […]

Why does he lie about other women