Fun and games are few but treasured like gold

You are the awakening at the depth of all fears. You are the fervor that rumbles deep below the belly of despair. You have been forgotten and You cannot be found. What once was my blanket of comfort is now washed black and gold. What once was my coveted future […]

Unchangeable, Even Unto You

Fill my bed with laughter and sin. Allow the new light to break, shatter and steal. Pollute my mind with perverse rights and wrongs. I am your brother, father, your lover and friend. Dark brown eyes pierce my skin, Dodging the air to slash my body with whips soaked in […]

I am

Hello Again   Allowing that it fits to call you such. My familiar. My friend. Accepting our predicament as veracity graciously awaiting for it to end.   I hesitate to greet yet I reap the rewards of your delight- ful return For a second or two I reminisce and wish […]

Hello Again

Do people really want my input while considering what actions should be taken when they are confronted with a difficult obstacle in life? Or am I just a measuring stick equivalent for considering what a dumb ass does when faced with one of life’s challenges? Hmmmm I feel like everyone […]

I speak to myself

His Pleasure He stares at the beauty that lies before him and take notes: A golden brown complexion, the silhouette in the shade, a sensational aroma traveling through the air. Suffering inside as evidence of losing the battle is seen. One last attempt to ignore temptation has failed. He surrenders. […]

His Pleasure

MyKayla Rains is one of my alter egos, and she’s a big one. This Diva is bold, oh so sexy, yet calm and sensitive. She’s the heart that beats inside all of us. One of a kind, of all kinds. Her drool is the Rain of truth. She has fans […]

MyKayla Rains

Monsieur Slick Tong is a product of life. Real life , everyday life like love and pain or sunshine and rain. I’ve felt the blessings of births through the horrors of death all categorized as life experience. Now I’ve seen what i speak about plus I call it how i see it and doing so has gained me a form respect that allows others to look to me for […]

Monsieur Slick Tong Is

As I grow mature and evolve into my true self I have gain somewhat of a reputation among friends and family for being what is nowadays called 100% or real. When I was growing up its was called being a man but the difference between the two is an article […]

Why does he lie about other women

Passionate sex deep in a love-making session so lost in the moment his mind and body surrendered into the dark wetness of her pussy as she looks down at the expression on his face, eyes cocked back with a blissful grin. She reached for the meat cleaver and chop his […]

Lovely Killer

Time so Ignorant   Lil’ miss independent She’s ready for school and skips to a tune as she walks that florescent day mile.   She is late, or early, or maybe right on time. Hopscotch on the playground, a spelling quiz, double-dutch and arithmetic.   School bells ring and she […]

Time so Ignorant

I am a very rare and desired commodity. My exotic color and beauty is coveted my men and women alike. I am true to form and created naturally from the earth’s elements. I am often replicated or enhanced by those who cannot obtain my elegance. My sparkle and brilliance is mesmerizing […]

Blue Dymond