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MyKayla Rains is one of my alter egos, and she’s a big one. This Diva is bold, oh so sexy, yet calm and sensitive. She’s the heart that beats inside all of us. One of a kind, of all kinds. Her drool is the Rain of truth. She has fans […]

MyKayla Rains

Monsieur Slick Tong is a product of life. Real life , everyday life like love and pain or sunshine and rain. I’ve felt the blessings of births through the horrors of death all categorized as life experience. Now I’ve seen what i speak about plus I call it how i see it and doing so has gained me a form respect that allows others to look to me for […]

Monsieur Slick Tong Is

I am a very rare and desired commodity. My exotic color and beauty is coveted my men and women alike. I am true to form and created naturally from the earth’s elements. I am often replicated or enhanced by those who cannot obtain my elegance. My sparkle and brilliance is mesmerizing […]

Blue Dymond